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Lisa's Soap Kitchen  -  Established 2009

The soap making all started because of an allergic rash my then 17 year old daughter had. I did everything a mother would do. I washed everything I changed detergents, cleaners etc. I washed everything including rugs, I took her to a dermatologist on numerous ocassions and did not like her being on all the  steroid creams and pills and the Docs didn't even know why she kept getting these rashes. I looked into and started making home made soaps, cleaners and laundry detergents and realized how much I loved to do it and  I was pretty good at it too! So its been history every since  

  I also make my own laundry detergent, household cleaner, deoderant,  Milled soap, Bath salts & lip balms, Dream Catchers , Air Fresheners, Jelly Jars, Wreaths, Candles, sand candles, Gel candles, baby bracelets And more projects

Give your skin a treat!        


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List Of Fragrance Oils and Herbs 

Bergamot -  astringent, antiseptic, balances,antidepressant, 

Cedarwood- antiseptic, calms, rejuvenates, bug repellent

Chamomile  -  Known to have anti inflmmatory antiseptic, antispasmodic,        and sedative   properties. Used historically to treat menstrual cramps,       sooth aching stomach, speed healing process of wounds when used as           and most commonly as a sleep aid  ~Warning:Because chamomile can            cause  uterine contractions which can lead to misscarriage, the            U.S. National institute of Health recommends that pregnant and nursing mothers should not consume chamomile

Cinnamon-     antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, circulation

Citronella-    insect repellent, colds, relieve melancholy

Clary Sage-  regulates perspiration, strengthens, cleanses, balances

 Clove-   antiseptic, disinfectant, insect repellent

Mintantiseptic, strengthens skin's natural defenses, refreshing, increases  concentration, insect repellent

Eucalyptus-  antiseptic, regenerative, stimulates, increases circulation, helps acne

Geranium Rose- antiseptic, calms irritation, uplifts, stimulates sensual feelings, helps acne

Ginger-  antiseptic,muscle tension, aphrodisiac, helps morning & motion sickness

Lavender antiseptic, detoxifying, calms, cleanses, tonic, anti-depressant

Lemon-  astringent, detoxifying, antidepressant

Lemongrassantiseptic, astringent, refreshing, tonic, helps tiredness

Nutmeg-   sore muscles, rheumatism, calms, strengthens

Palmarosa-   stimulates cell rejuvenation, calms, uplifts

Patchouli-  insect repellent, antiviral,  anti-fungal   &     aphrodisiac

 Pink Grapefruit antibacterial, astringent, anti-oxidant (vitamin C), clarifies & balances

 Rosemary-   antiseptic, brain stimulant, nerve tonic, uplifts

Rosewood-  skin dryness, tonic for nervous system

Orange-  disinfectant, regenerative, relaxes, balances

Tea Tree- fungi, viruses, and bacteria

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 Featured in PULSE Magazine   April 2, 2012

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 Natures Garden Show and Tell creations Spotlight award


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