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This whole soap adventure started in 2009 when my then 17 year old daughter had an allergic reaction and had a rash that would not go away, I took her to dermatologist and was tired of giving her steroids, creams and nothing seemed to help .  So I started making more natural cleaners and laundry detergent and then  decided to try to make hand made soap because it would be more natural right?  WELL to my surprise I really enjoyed making it and I was pretty good at it!  It almost felt second nature and here I am years later sharing what I love to do .  And yes it helped get rid of the rash and she still uses and loves my soap to this day.  Happy momma here .  I love to make all different kinds of creations and want to share them with other people . My business is small and I will never get rich on the things that I make I am just happy to make a little for my time.  You wont find a better price for handmade soap!   Thank you for visiting my website and as a thank you I will add a free gift of either something I make or another scent of soap with each and every order .

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