Lisa's Soap Kitchen

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               Lisa's Candle Creations 

 Sand Candles  burn in their own shell


Sand Candles Set of three

Scented candle with large river rocks

1 Qt Mason Candle w/River Rocks

One Quart Mason Jar Candles 

Under the sea Forever candles  are unique and beautiful! Once the candle burns down  you can put a votive candle (in a votive holder, glass is nice) inside and it will last a life time! 

1 Qt Mason FISH candle

Beautiful Scents, Long lasting

 You get 12 votives

Votive candles

YES it really smells like Beer!  Great Gift for that beer drinker!

Beer Stein Gel Candle

   Beautiful candles you get 6 

Set of 6 Candles 8 oz. each

Sand, seashells, sand dollars, rocks, beautiful one quart candle!

colorful layers of sand and wax


Fish Bowl  Gel Candle

Beautiful rocks, shells and sand and a fish


Fish Bowl Gel Candle

6 buttered popcorn votives

You will be popping popcorn after burning this candle! Comes with popcorn box

Popcorn scented votives


Hand Painted 

More coming soon!





Please Be smart when buying/using candles. Before lighting decorative candles first remove all decorations around the candle! I am not responsible for fires that may start because you did not remove all the decoratives on candle first