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Dream Catchers

The Ojibwa (Chippewa) believe that night is full of both good and bad dreams. When a dream catcher is hung above the place where you sleep,it moves freely in the night air and catches the dreams as they drift by. The good dreams, knowing their way, pass through webbing, while the bad dreams, not knowing the way, are caught in the webbing and destroyed at the first light of the morning sun. There are many variants to the dream catcher legend, some say both good and bad dreams are captured and some say the good dreams slide down the feather to those sleeeping below.

Although the Ojibwa are credited as the first people to use Dream catchers, many other tribes and native peoples have adopted dream catchers into their culture. Even though the designs and legends of dream catchers differ slightly, the underlying meaning and symbolism is universal and is carried across cultures and language barriers.

Everybody Dreams 

Unique one of a kind! Fuzzy and beautiful ..  Gold skulls and Gold tipped feathers.... Silver Cross

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Dream Catchers

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Heart/Arrow Dream Catcher


 Custom Made Owl Dream Catcher



Owl Dream Catcher $26.00 each

Dream Catchers vary slightlydue to being hand made but all are beautiful

 Rainbow Dream Catcher 

Rainbow Dream Catcher

Autumn Dream Catcher - My Favorite Season - Made with beautiful fall leaves, Pine cone, butterfly. pumpkin sunflower and Red White and Blue colored streamers

Autumn Dream Catcher

Large or Small Tree Of Life Dream catcher With yellow feathers representing the sun

Tree of Life

Peace Sign

Some of the Dream Catchers I have made