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Lisa's Soapy Creations

Beautiful Chunky Soap 

Beautiful Scents
Fun Scents

Clear soap with  shea butter chunks of soap with a shea butter top Choose from many different scents

(shown:Basil scented w/real basil)

Earthy Scented Chunky soap
Chunky Unscented

 Half Lemon Half Lime With a beautiful Shea Butter Topping 

Lemon/Lime set of three

Do you like Beautiful smells and want a natural beautiful soap?   try one of these great scents You get three big bars beautifully wrapped soaps

Do you want a beautiful UNSCENTED soap With no added color?

Earthy Scented set of three
Beautiful Scents 3 Bars
No scent no color added


All Pink soaps have a pink ribbon

You can get this awareness soap in many beautiful scents or have it Unscented. Doctors  reccomend patients undergoing treatment use unscented products so when you order the unscented you still get a beautiful white  soap made with a double butter base no color added except the pink ribbon

Pink Ribbon set of three

Salt Bars


We all need magnesium and what better way to incorporate this than a beautiful and healthy bar of soap?  Customers with excema and psoriasis say this soap works wonders for them 

Luxury Salt Soap 

Great for anyone with skin problems Please read all the information  Provided about all the benefits of salts

Luxury Salt Bars set of three

Rainbow Soap

Beautiful translucent soap! you get one cat, one fish and one bar!  

Translucent fish, cat & bar

Fisherman/woman Soap 

Earthy Scented Fish Soap set of three


   All Kids soap comes beautifully wrapped and each has a Goodie bag included!

Duck Pond Soap

2 Large Duck pond soaps With 2 Ducks

Banana scented soap 

3 Monkey Soaps

Banana Scented of corse! 

Beautifully wrapped and each comes with a goodie bag

Monkey decals may vary but will still be adorable

Minion Soap

How about Minion Party favors for a birthday  party?  These are adorable and kids Love them!

You Get 6 Stars , beautifully wrapped and you also get the minion goodie bag for each soap

Minion Soap Set of 6

Crayon Soap

Fun kids soap, You get 3 soaps beautifully wrapped 

3 Crayon Soaps

Fish Soap 

Cute Fish Soap Plastic  Fish is embedded into the soap  You wont be able to get your kids out! 

You recieve random different colors

8 Little fish soaps

Donating the things I make and have a passion for gives me great satisfaction. Although money is also a great way to donate I would rather know that people are enjoying the soap and candles and all the other things that I make and put lots of love and time into and at the same time raising money for a cause. I have a special passion for PINK because someone I love has been down that rough road. And we all want Cancer eliminated and maybe some day it will but for today we have great support groups like Breast Friends Connections and many other groups that bring women together and help each other down the rough road to recovery and help each other with support for those grieving for a loved one

      2015 Bay State Trail Riders Association 

Breast Friends Connections   Fundraiser - 

September 21st 2013   Crystal Caves, Auburn MA

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