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My goal is to make you happy with your order. I accept Paypal where you can use your paypal funds or use a Credit or Debit card as a guest, I will process your order once the payment is complete. Each soap/candle/wreath/etc. is hand made so please allow me time to make your order. Depending what it is the time does vary. Generally to be safe I do say up to Three weeks but I can usually get an order out before this time.   please keep in mind I hand make everything on this website .
I send a free gift with each order as a thank you. 

thanks again for your order! 
 I do not anticipate any damage I do wrap everything very well. There is no returns on Soap orders sorry. 

  As always you can contact me at for any issues that I need to resolve.

Thank you for shopping at Lisa's Soap Kitchen 
Large Orders will need an additional time for processing every thing is hand made . 

 Contact me  at for more information on large orders
  If you have allergies it is up to you to investigate a bit further into what you are buying from me. example: if you are allergic to coconut oils than please be sure you are buying a soap that does not contain it. I specify when I am putting extra oils into my soaps. I do not normally put extra oils into my soap but will specify when I do.
Please Be smart when buying/using candles. Before lighting decorative candles first remove all decorations around the candle AND place in a safe environment for the candles! I am not responsible for fires that may start because you did not remove all the decoratives on candle first!

EO =  Essential Oils 
  PLEASE NOTE: Type* or Like - Most of the fragrances notated as "Type" or "Like" are registered trademarks. Trademarked names are properties of the respective manufacturer. The Type or Like versions are NOT to be confused with the originals. Lisa's Soap Kitchen, has no affiliation or association with the manufacturers. The interpretation of any "Type or Like" fragrance was created through chemical analysis and reproduction. The description is to give consumers an idea of what the scent smells like, not to mislead consumers into believing a product is the trademarked fragrance. The statements included in this site are meant for educational purpose only.The statements are not intended to make claims for curing, treating or healing disease


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The soap base I use. Ingredients are as follows:

Triethanolamine(TEA) (safe emulsifier),Sodium Cocoate Surfacant(Cleansin

g derived from coconut oil),Sodium Myristate(surfacant,emulsifying & foaming)Sodium Laurate

(Sodium salt of lauric acid FDA approved for use in food and cosmetics),Sodium Stearate(Lubricant,

emulsifier,vegetable derived),Titanium Dioxide(Oxide of Titanium used extensively in cosmetics and

personal care products as a colorant or lightening agent) ,Sorbitol(humectant,sodium laureth sulfate(SLES)

(surfacant,derived from coconut oi),Propylene Glycol(Organic alcohol,moisturizer,stabilizer widely used in

personal care products to prevent or retard microbial growth,effective against fungi,yeast and bacteria),

Glycerin (Humectant, a sugar alcohol,a viscous clear liquid,sweet tasting used in food,drugs and cosmetics

Also called Glycerol),

And my soaps may contain one or more of the following that I add to make them feel,  look and smell beautiful:Essential or fragrance oil, Oxide and lab coloring, Herbs, natural cornmeal,blueberry seeds, apricot, strawberry and or other crushed seeds. Chamomile flowers,lavender leaves and other natural flowers. Cornmeal in the Gardeners/Mechanics soaps,

May also contain the following oils, Grapeseed, Apricot, Avacado, Coconut, Hemp, and other oils not stated here. I will state when I add any extra oils.You may also request a paper version of my soap ingredients with your order.



The statements included in this site are meant for

educational purpose only.The statements in this article are

not intended to make claims for curing, treating or healing disease